Now that we are into summer, take advantage of fresh fruits for optimum health. Fruits are full of flavor, health promoting antioxidants and full of fiber. Fruits contain special enzymes that help with digestion that are not found in any other type of food. Papaya for example provides the enzyme papain while bromelain is the well known enzyme we get from pineapple which breaks down proteins that aids digestion reducing symptoms of gas and bloating.

Fruits are a rich source of nutrients and concentrated dietary fiber which is essential for good digestion. As a Colon Therapist, I have witnessed how a strong and clean digestive tract can not only help us absorb all our nutrients but it can decrease symptoms of bloating, gassiness, inflammation, and low immune system. It is not unusual to find patients with these symptoms to have a lot of undigested food particles during their colonic treatments.

Fiber also gives us good bowel health and regular elimination. As well, fiber binds with excess cholesterol making it good for heart health. Fiber also binds with excess estrogens to eliminate them through the bowel. This is a great way to decrease many of the hormonal imbalances that women can suffer from in their earlier years. In addition, fiber is found in the skin of fruits which slows down digestion and slows the release of sugar into the blood stream making you feel fuller for longer periods of time; great tip for weight loss!

Berries are a great choice of fruit as they are low in sugar which makes them an ideal choice for people who are regulating their sugar intake due to their calorie restrictions or are pre-diabetic or have diabetes.

Some tips to add berries to your diet: Add to hot or cold breakfast cereals, blend in a cup of berries with your smoothies, add to yogurt, and add a cup of berries, raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries to spinach salads.

Blueberries is an ideal berry as they contain tannins which acts as an astringent in the digestive tract helping to reduce inflammation.

By: Florence Caie