This beautiful and tasty green vegetable with the pointed spears is full of fiber and health promoting nutrients.

The fiber in Asparagus is good for regular bowel movements. We need daily regular bowel movements not only to reduce constipation which clogs up our colon holding in waste, but unfriendly bacteria and toxins are held in our colon and without regular bowel movements these toxins are reabsorbed into our blood stream causing free radicals and damaging our cells. And having intestinal regularity may help protect against the development of colon cancer.

Digestive Health
Asparagus is a special vegetable as it contains a special carbohydrate that we don’t digest called Inulin. Inulin is like a pre-biotic which feeds the health promoting friendly bacteria in our large intestine which when it increases, makes it more difficult for unfriendly bacteria to take hold. Having more good bowel flora is health promoting as it is necessary for boosting our immunity and digestive health.

Bone Building Nutrients
When it comes promoting bone health, Asparagus is considered and excellent source of bone building Vitamin K. which is a good source of calcium and magnesium. 1 cup of cooked asparagus gives us 36mg of calcium and 18 mg of magnesium, and only 43 calories!Pregnancy & Fetal Health

If you are thinking of getting pregnant or are in the early stages of pregnancy, you would want to consider adding asparagus, an excellent source of folate acid, to you meals. Folate acid is necessary for DNA synthesis and having better cellular health. By adding folate to your diet you are taking steps to having a healthy child.

By: Florence Caie